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Medical Website Benefits for your Practice or Group


Enhance Your Credibility

Patients will see your Official Site searching Online.  Searching for your practice in Google yields the clutter of review sites, medical grade sites, and directories with a lot of postings and information out of your control. 


Seeing an Official Website at or near the top of this clutter provides more control over your messaging and brand.


Increase Efficiency 
Patients can download forms and be provided guidance before an appointment to improve office efficiencies.  Insurance policies can be pre-screened.


Save Manpower

Patients can easily find maps, directions and office hours.  This can eliminate many needless phone calls.  Patients can use online contact form that can build an email data base to send appointment reminders and an easy way to answer questions.

Stay Current with Technology

If you have a patient portal for Electronic Health Records, you’ll have an easy link on your website for patients to find it.  NOTE: If you do not have a patient portal, we can recommend an Electronics Health Records provider and work with them to brand the portal properly.


As your practice moves toward electronic health records, one of the things you'll hear about is the concept of "meaningful use"— this is part of the standards and criteria developed in the health field to encourage a smooth, productive transition to EHRs.  Helping patients to access information online enhances meaningful use.

For more information on meaningful use and EHR's visit HealthIT.Gov


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Case Study:  General  Surgery Medical Group of Ventura County 


A website with a new mission...

This surgeon group needed to comply with new regulations regarding a patient portal to their Electronic Health Records. (EHR)  They never had a website before. 

We created the website, optimized it for the search engines and linked to the patient portal for easy patient access.


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