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Case Study:  Tree Country Bistro 


A website held hostage...

The owners of this popular family owned Asian restaurant in Cleveland Heights were stuck with an old Flash website that did not show up in the search engines, and even more importantly to them, had obsolete. dishes and prices.  

The website company that created it ten years prior was out of  business.  The  former website company owner was not responding to many emails and calls. and he still owned the domain!   The restaurant owners were still paying hosting fees. 

The menu had to be changed quickly, so we had to build on a new but similar domain: treecountrybistro.net.  Then we worked consistently for the next few months to convince the search engines along with Yelp and Google Plus (with their many positive reviews) to link to the new site.  


Search: Tree Country, Thai Food in Cleveland Heights, Asian Food in Cleveland Heights, Sushi in Cleveland Heights and more. 

This situation cannot happen to our clients because the domain is listed in your name from the beginning, (you will pay godaddy directly) the hosting platform will be in your name, in this case Wix, and you will have all login information.  If we ever close our doors, your service continues on uninterrupted and your website can be edited by anyone. 

So...do you need a website?   We provide: 

  • Appealing designs

  • Fast deployment 

  • Domain name expertise

  • Professional copy writing

  • Search engine optimization setup is included.  

  • The keys to the website once completed with our own excellent customer service.


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